6 February 2017

Shooting the January Collection: Behind the Scenes at Jim Thompson



For the creative team at Jim Thompson, the shoot is one of the most exciting times. It is an opportunity to see all the hard work come together, from a concept and story, to the development and design, to finally becoming finished fabrics. The photoshoot also gives our Creative Director Ou Baholyodhin an idea of how the different fabrics, with their various colour schemes, patterns and compositions, will work in real application. This insight, achieved through the transformation of the collection into distinctive one-off upholstered pieces, elegant drapes and bold cushions, pulled together in a glamorous setting, is undoubtedly invaluable. 


Our Creative Director Ou overseeing the shoot


Ou Baholyodhin our Creative Director of Home Furnishings is always on hand, using his extensive design experience to give constructive suggestions, adjust a pillow or drape here and there, and taking time out of his busy schedule to oversee the project as a whole.


The team working on our Leo de Janeiro panel


Jim Thompson holds a photoshoot for every new collection, involving a concise team of talented photographers and style assistants and shot at an exclusive location. The site, once decided on, is furnished with fabrics from the latest collection; the space’s are always carefully chosen, architecturally impressive, striking and unique. The locations have to bring the collection to life in a beautiful way, both should compliment and inspire one another, which makes choosing the right space extremely important. 




This January, Jim Thompson launched two collections; Leo de Janeiro, inspired by the carnivalesque atmosphere and the iconic dancing lion at Chinese New Year; and Negresco, an outdoor collection inspired by the vacationing lifestyle of the French Riviera and the resplendent Hotel Negresco in Nice, France. See the new collection’s and further images from the photoshoot here


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