Paris Deco Off 2018 marked another year of successful shows for Jim Thompson, who received some fantastic feedback on the new collections. 

This year Jim Thompson launched Every Colour Under the Sun, an update of the famous silks; Bardo, a decorative collection of Asian-inspired prints; and an exciting collaboration with esteemed Belgian interior designer Gert Voorjans - creating the Gert Voorjans for Jim Thompson collection. 
As with previous years, windows were designed by well known window dresser Douglas Little and the showroom, located on the prestigious Rue de Furstenberg in Saint Germain, was redecorated to showcase the new collection offering.   



Guests also gathered at our exhibition space at the Crous Cultural Centre for daily presentations from all our designers. PDO


To view all the new collections, click here.  

By Amelia Jim Thompson on 19 Feb 2018

It’s official, Jim Thompson is now available in Ukraine! To mark the special occasion, our regional representative Villa welcomed top Ukrainian architects to their showroom to present Jim Thompson’s history, fabrics, and latest collections. Presented by Christian Schirner, Managing Director of Jim Thompson Europe, the beautiful range of fabrics, shown alongside the raw silk yarns, opened a window into the world of Jim Thompson’s luxury fabrics, exotic patterns and colourful details.

JT Ukraine Jim Thompson Europe's Managing Director Christian Schirner, presenting the collections, supported by Yulia Salata (Jim Thompson's new agent for Ukraine / Belorus / Moldova / Azerbaijan)  

JT UkraineJT Ukraine

JT Ukraine

Vera Titova and Christian Schirner 

JT UkraineGala Privalova 

JT UkraineYana Molodykh with Christian Schirner 

JT Ukraine Vera Titova with Yuriy Zimenko

JT UkraineSonya Zabouga from Elle Decor UA with Christian Schirner 


Find us in Villas Kiev, Ukraine showroom at: 37/2 Moskovskaya street, 02000, Kiev, Ukraine.

Contact them at:; +38 (044) 288-80-00


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The tropical colours of the East meet with the sophisticated, clean, and modern designs of the West when Carl Hansen & Son’s iconic Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner is paired with luxury Thai silks from Jim Thompson.

Carl Hansen X Jim Thompson

Carl Hansen & Son’s three-legged Shell Chair is a masterful piece of Scandinavian design, easily recognized for its unique winged shape. Originally launched in 1963, the iconic chair has been reworked with a collection of hand-woven Thai silks from Jim Thompson. 16 fabrics are available in total, in a myriad of patterns and bright colourways. The silks have been categorized into four different themes, inspired by gemstones. Choose from Red Coral, Blue Sapphire, Golden Citrine, or Green Jade, each including four fabrics in a variety of structures and complex textures. As well as a choice of silks, all 16 designs can be combined with wooden frames in various types and finishes. Choose from: white oiled oak or smoked oak, walnut oiled, beech lacquered in anthracite gray, green grass, purple blue, berry red or vanilla white.

The diverse colour offering from Jim Thompson, and the wide selection of woodwork from Carl Hansen, have been developed with designers in mind, allowing for a chair that is unique, personal and well suited to individual tastes.

This special collection is available for a limited period only, from 1st November to 31st December 2017.

Carl Hansen x Jim Thompson

Carl Hansen x Jim Thompson

Carl Hansen x Jim Thompson

Carl Hansen x Jim Thompson

Carl Hansen x Jim Thompson

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FlorientalAugust 17 InspirationWith the launch of their latest collection, Jim Thompson celebrates their heritage with whimsical, romantic images - incorporating both asian floral and Middle Eastern motifs, that hark back to a bygone time.

The latest collection continues to be under the design direction of Ou Baholyodhin, who in the last 4 years as Creative Director has created a string of well-received collections, designed in keeping with a wide range of diverse and inventive concepts, that stay true to Jim Thompson’s rich history.

Keeping this in mind, the company has launched Floriental, a decorative collection inspired by floral and oriental elements. Romanticising the past, sources of influence include 18th century damasks, as well as other historical artworks. When designing this collection, Ou sought to respect and celebrate both culture and tradition. In a recent interview with WohnDesign! magazine (Germany), he commented:

“For me, Jim Thompson is an iconic brand with a fascinating heritage… I know no other label in Asia with such a legacy. I approach every detail with the greatest respect, in relation to the history of the company and its unique personality - such a history of creativity must be respected.”

And Floriental is no exception to the rule.

Launched alongside this decorative collection this August is Saracen, a range of high-performance fabrics constructed in Trevira CS. While this collection continues the theme of ‘glorifying the past’ - this time with an Arabesque, East-meets-West feel - it is the practical function and promise of durability that stand out.

Bringing style, creative flare and long-lasting strength together, Saracen is an ideal choice for the hospitality market. Its Eastern influences and bright, inviting palette make it perfect for hotel interiors, complimenting a resort style.    

Browse below for more images from the latest collection and stay informed on AG17 via our website, social media, and blog - more coming soon.

Floriental FlorientalHighlights of Floriental include: Floriental, the lead design showcasing picturesque birds nestled amongst blossoming peonies on bright silk-linen ground; Marjorelle, a decorative Art Noveau motif reimagined on velvet; and Dusk Garland and Choisya, two attractive floral designs one a warp print, the other a heavy brocade, that replicates an 18th century damask.Floriental

FlorientalFlorientalFlorientalHighlights of the Saracen collection include: Saracen, an opulent cut-velvet; Sala, created with state-of-the-art design technology to replicate the look-and-feel of slub silk; Nasrid, a usable geometric, ideal for upholstery; and Moss, a durable velvet with an impressive Martindale result, offered in a versatile colour range.


By Amelia Jim Thompson on 7 Aug 2017

Jim Thompson's Creative Director Ou Baholyodhin was recently interviewed by Wohn!Design magazine in Germany. See the article in English below.

Ou Baholyodhin

The everyday life of Ou Baholyodhin usually begins with a coffee from his cafe “Magpie”, picked up on the way to work. Most of his time is spent at the studio, together with his creative team. On the way home he usually makes a second stop at his favorite cafe.


Since 2013, Ou has been the imaginative creative director of the Thai silk house and his designs have been branded ‘a firework for the eyes’. Perhaps it is his personal enthusiasm for the brand that makes his creations so extraordinary:


“For me, Jim Thompson is an iconic brand with a fascinating heritage… I know no other label in Asia with such a legacy. I approach every detail with the greatest respect, in relation to the history of the company and its unique personality - such a history of creativity must be respected.”


On the topic of his collections, Ou said: ”The collections over the past few years have been a return to dramatic forms, patterns and colours - so in a way it’s more a return to the original even though it is also a departure.”


Credo: "Embrace your past and make it part of your future."

Leo de Janeiro

Behind the latest collection, “Leo de Janeiro”:


The story is about Jim Thompson's love of festivals. Inspiration comes from Chinese New Year, a festival which is celebrated in Bangkok in January where a Lion Dance is performed (Leo de Janeiro refers to ‘Lion of January’).


For more on the collection, click here.

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